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Signia YouTube Tutorials

How to attach a concha lock to miniReceiver 3.0 | Signia Hearing Aids

How to use HandsFree for iOS | Signia Hearing Aids

Exchanging Waxguard
Nanocare 3 0

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Signia - How to pair miniPocket

Pairing TV connector to your hearing aids

Phonak YouTube Tutorials

How does CROS P work?

How to attach the retention on a Phonak Audèo M hearing aid

myPhonak App

Connecting the TV Connector to hearing instruments

Widex YouTube Tutorials

WIDEX MOMENT™ App Overview 2021

How-to-video for pairing your Widex hearing aids to an iPhone| Widex Hearing Aids

Pair WIDEX MOMENT™ direct streaming hearing aids to an Android smartphone | WIDEX hearing aids

How to sync the rc - dex with widex hearing aids

Starkey YouTube Tutorials

Micro RIC 312 Hear Clear Removal and Replacement

How to Pair Starkey Livio Hearing Aids with Android Device

Starkey Hearing Aid Accessories

How to Re-Pair Your Hearing Aids with an iPhone

Pairing RIC Hearing Aids with a Starkey TV Streamer

Hutchinson Hearing Centre

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  • Protecting your hearing now can help prevent hearing loss as your get older. We offer custom ear plugs for sound protection and swimming, to help you keep your hearing sharp and your ears healthy long term.
    Michael Schamber | Audiologist