Custom Ear Plugs & Molds

Credit Valley Audiology & Hearing Services provides safe, effective protection for your ears with custom made ear plugs and molds designed for your ear and your environment. 

Custom Made For You

Your ears are just as unique as your fingerprints – no two ear canals are exactly the same shape or size.

Finding the perfect ear plugs for your ears can be challenging. In addition, we must take the reason for the ear plugs into consideration. Are they to protect a swimmer's ears from exposure to water? A hunter's ears from the blast of a gun? A musician's ears from the close proximity of their amplifiers?

Custom ear plugs from Credit Valley Audiology provide exceptional protection tailored to fit your ears, so you can safely enjoy your work and your favourite activities.

Swim Plugs

Frequent exposure of the inner ear to water can lead to an infection, commonly called swimmer's ear. The most effective way to prevent swimmer’s ear is wearing a set of custom swim ear plugs.

Our swim ear plugs are custom made from silicone to fit the shape of your unique ear. This creates a tight seal that keeps water and bacteria out.

Noise-Reducing Plugs

Whether you're in a band or work in a factory, day to day life can often come with extremely high volumes, and this can lead to hearing loss.

We create custom hearing solutions designed to allow musicians, factory workers, and everyone in between to comfortably reduce volume and protect hearing.

Ear Molds for Pilots

The cockpit of a general aviation aircraft can be very noisy, and this makes hearing protection extremely important for pilots.

We offer custom ear molds for pilots designed to fit your unique ear canal comfortably, and help reduce noise while still allowing to you effectively hear radio communications.

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From Our Team

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