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Credit Valley Audiology & Hearing Services in Mississauga offers a full range of hearing health services, from testing and hearing aid fittings, to hearing protection.

Your Mississauga Hearing Health Team

At Credit Valley Audiology & Hearing Services, we've been dedicated to improving hearing, sound quality, and quality of life for our patients for 25+ years.

We'll help you to better hear all the things that matter most – and leave the final decision about the solution that fits your life best up to you.

Michael Schamber is a trusted Audiologist and hearing aid provider in the community. He can help guide you through your hearing aid purchase. You or your family do not need a physician referral to access our services. If you would like to have an audiological evaluation, discuss your hearing test results, or if you have any questions regarding hearing aids, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Your Hearing Health Team

About Our Audiologist, Michael Schamber

Michael Schamber is a skilled hearing professional with 25+ years of experience as an audiologist, caring for a wide variety of patients, young and old. It's his mission to improve his patient's quality of life with better hearing.

Putting Our Patients First

Credit Valley Audiology & Hearing Services is proud to offer patients:

  • A full-time, experienced Audiologist
  • No risk trial for your hearing aid
  • Best price guarantee
  • Warranties on all products
  • Service and adjustments for guaranteed satisfaction
  • A full range of high-quality hearing aids to fit your needs and budget

Our Hearing Health Services

Credit Valley Audiology FAQs

How long does the testing and fitting process take?

Treatment typically starts within 1-2 weeks of diagnosis. Hearing generally decreases over time, therefore retesting and adjustments are made to accommodate any changes that may occur.

Can I move from my current clinic to Credit Valley Audiology & Hearing Services?

Absolutely. At the Credit Valley Audiology & Hearing Services, we always welcome new patients and will work with you to ensure an easy transition.

What are my payment options?

At Credit Valley Audiology & Hearing Services, we accept Interac, cash, Visa, and Mastercard.

Can I claim my hearing tests or aids on my insurance?

Each insurance company is different, so please be sure to contact your insurance company with any questions ahead of your appointment. If you have audiology insurance, please bring your insurance information with you and we can advise you maximizing your insurance benefits for you or your loved one.

What happens during my first appointment?

During your first visit with us, we will discuss your concerns about your hearing, and the environments in which you have difficulty hearing. Then, we conduct a series of hearing tests to determine the nature and extent of your hearing loss.

Once the testing portion of you appointment is complete, your audiologist will discuss the results with you, as well as your options for treatment, hearing aids, or hearing protection, as required.

What happens during my hearing aid fitting?

During your fitting at the Credit Valley Audiology & Hearing Services, your audiologist will discuss your hearing aid options with you, and help you settle on the best type of aid for your comfort, daily hearing environments, and budget.

Once you have settled on a hearing aid, the audiologist will carefully program it to provide the best possible hearing experience for you, in terms of volume, clarity and comfort.

Can you help if my hearing aid doesn't fit well?

We understand that sometimes, our patients need to wear their hearing aids for a while in their day to day lives to determine whether the fit and programming are ideal. You can come back to the Credit Valley Audiology & Hearing Services for a fitting and adjustment to achieve the right fit and hearing experience with your new hearing aid.

What brands of hearing aids do you sell?

At the Credit Valley Audiology & Hearing Services, we're proud to offer a full range of quality hearing aid brands. Learn More  

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From Our Team

  • We do not require a physicians referral to access our services. We are an independent audiology clinic and offer all manufacturers and models at the best prices. You and your family’s hearing deserves a professional. Call us at 905-820-1688 to book your appointment.
    Michael Schamber | Audiologist