Hearing Tests

When it comes to diagnosing your hearing loss, the audiologist at Credit Valley Audiology & Hearing Services will perform comprehensive hearing tests to determine the nature and extent of your hearing loss.

What is a hearing test?

A  diagnostic audiological evaluation is a comprehensive case history that includes a full assessment of your hearing ability and your ability to understand speech, as well as an assessment of your inner, middle, and outer ear. Audiological evaluations typically take 30 minutes to complete, depending on the degree and type of your hearing loss.

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Hearing Tests

What happens during a hearing test?

At the outset of your hearing test appointment, you will  fill out your personal information and medical history forms, as well as your insurance form.

Your audiologist will then review your personal information with you, and ask you questions about the environments and situations in which you may be experiencing hearing difficulties.

In order to ascertain the type and degree of your hearing loss, your audiologist will examine your ear canal and the ear drum, and perform a series of hearing tests.

Your hearing test may include:

  • A pure tone hearing test, which establishes the threshold at which you can hear certain sound frequencies.
  • Speech testing, which establishes the level at which you can detect and understand speech.
  • The results of your tests will be recorded on an audiogram form in frequencies and decibels. Based on these results, your audiologist may prescribe a hearing aid.
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